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Why Murphy bed is so popular? 2017-05-24 14:20:07

In 1916, William Murphy invented the multi-functional bed in San Francisco, United States. so people name it as "Murphy bed" in the later. It swept the European and American markets as soon as it was showed in the market, with several reasons. As it not only gives people a more convenient lifestyle, provide more possibilities to beautify and space saving . Today, Murphy bed has been widely used Europe and the United States, like apartments, hotels, hospitals, offices, fire stations and any other places where space is needed.

Nowadays, wall bed is getting more model to choose from. Let’s get back to our Murphy wall bed. Our company’s hidden wall bed mainly consists of 3 parts, wooden bed frame, metal bed frame, and wall bed hardware.Bed frame board color can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Let’s take a14 square meters bedroom (using area about 12 square meters), for example.  A double bed accounted for 3 square meters, plus the bed, the door of the walking channel, and then put a wardrobe, almost no spare space. If you use the wall bed, set off the wall during the day, the room is empty, almost as a multi-function hall.

Once you have it, the infinite space, its originality, hidden, super luxury comfort will make you fascinated. Whether it is simple bed, or surprisingly romantic comfortable bed, all make you feel the warmth of home!

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