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White Vertical Wall Bed 2017-12-15 18:36:27
The living room is one of the hardest rooms in your home to keep neat on a daily basis. That's because it gets a lot of use and living rooms don't usually offer a lot of storage. You may have some bookcases and a TV console, but they don’t hide much. The key is to: Decide on permanent storage spaces for commonly used items like remote controls, magazines and books. At that moment, a Vertical Wall Bed is very important for your life, it can saving a lot space for your daily activities.

A White Vertical Wall Bed with a wardrobe and arc side cabinet can meet your daily needs, folding wall bed also can match a comfy sofa, that you can see a saving space, clean and comfortable living room come out.

White Vertical Wall Beds are a perfect solution for small bedrooms or guest rooms. It can be also set in living room where at night you can make the bed and turn it into a bedroom or guest room in a few seconds. After that when you want to put it away you can easily fold the bed away and secure the bedding by belts that are attached to the set. It is very practical piece of furniture.

OVIT offers the more selection of the most comfortable Murphy beds, folding beds, and wall beds: products created to give you back the space you need. Come and join us, let us crate a clean and comfortable. Any more interest, please contact +86 15914358948. Email:
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