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Where is our best market for Murphy wall bed 2017-10-30 08:41:23
When I was a beginner for this smart space-saving furniture industry, my boss Alice appoint a task to me: Find the best market for Murphy wall bed so that you can learn well about the product's information. I know the functions of Murphy wall bed, it as a good solution for the small room, it can install on any wall any room, and it makes your cost of living reduced but the quality is improved. But about the best market, it's a little hard for a newcomer.

Because of unfamiliar product, I suspect that this beautiful multi-function furniture is certainly more popular in the European region. When I used Google to search, I learned that Murphy's bed was invented by William. Murphy in the United States so named Murphy bed. This kind of Murphy wall bed is very popular in European and American markets, because of its space-saving characteristics, also can be seen in some big cities in China, although know the source of Murphy bed, I still do not know where is the best market for Murphy bed, I had thought, as the population of each country is different, this space-saving wall bed is certainly not popular in the U.S. or Australian markets, it's so ridiculous when I saw the analysis in Google. After a series of data analysis, I was found that the wall bed in the United States, Australia, Britain, India and other countries are very popular. So will America be our main market?

Certainly, the United States is not our main market, as a factory in China, we need to find a good market positioning, the Murphy wall beds are really popular in the United States, but the United States policy is anti-dumping on the bedroom furniture, America customer purchase wall bed from China need to pay expensive tariffs, so that the cost of our wall bed will increase. And many customers are more willing to buy from the U.S. market, they not only buy cheap wall bed also can get faster service. So, as a manufacturer of Murphy wall bed, want to sales their products to the global market, where is the best market?

When I was still confused, I decided to ask my colleague Matt, Matt, an outstanding salesman, and he had a lot of stable customers from all over the world who would return orders regularly. Matt told me, "A lot of my customers are from Europe, North America (except the United States), Southeast Asia, Australia...", So I began to know how to choose the market for the wall bed, did you find it? I think the best market for the wall bed are: Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, Australia and so on, but we do not just export the wall bed to these countries, our customers from all over the world. Moreover, in recent years, the wall bed also popular in China, Our factory is one of the manufacturers of early investment in the development of wall-bed products manufacturers, so our wall bed brand "OVIT" is very famous in the China market.

By the way, why the United States will as our main market? After analysis, firstly, the demand for Murphy wall-bed products is large in the United States and is a very promising market. Secondly, many overseas distributors and wholesalers are purchased wall bed from China, while the United States, as the best-selling market because of policy issues, direct customers imports from China is too expensive, then a lot of American wall beds are made by Native American companies or imported from Canada or Southeast Asia, so the cost of wall beds in the United States is a little high. The last, in export trade, there is a way "re-export trade", although complex, it's feasible. We have a long-term partner of an international logistics company. They can do it well. Then we can ship the goods to Southeast Asian countries and then ship to the United States, the cost will bed cheap.

No matter where you are if you want to buy a wall bed from our factory, we will provide the best service and quality, of course, the factory direct selling price will be more advantageous than the market. At the same time, we can also provide customized services, you can talk with our customer service about your needs, including size, color, material... We have professional designers drawing for you until you satisfied in free. Thank you for looking at this article, and for more details about the Murphy wall bed, please contact our customer service.
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