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What’s the difference between a spring mechanism and piston system? 2017-04-25 16:59:51

Wall Beds come in a variety of sizes and styles. When you’re looking for wall bed ideas, you should consider the main mechanism quality of wall bed and the wall in your house.

When you want to buy a Murphy wall bed, you should choose your bed for the style and look that best suits your house, because the main mechanism will not influence the whole design style of your room. However, the mechanism quality is very important for your wall bed, there 2 optional of mechanisms for wall bed: spring and piston.

Some of our clients were commonly asked: “what’s the difference between a spring mechanism and piston system?” The answer is:

Both spring and piston lift mechanisms make wall beds easy to lift and stow away, but here is a breakdown of the differences you will see as a wall bed owner:

Now, though, springs make it much easier to move a wall bed. They can handle heavy loads with modern compressed steel, and they fatigue much less over time. Because you can adjust the spring mechanism’s tension, you can change how easy it is to stow or open your wall bed. If your wall bed sags open over

time, which can happen with both spring and piston lift systems, you can also adjust the tension or replace a spring easily.

Piston lift mechanisms are a more streamlined way to adjust your wall bed, though they are often visible in the wall bed unit. Pistons typically use gas pressure, and sometimes use air pressure, to make it easy to open or stow your wall bed.

One great feature of piston wall beds is that they often have a locking mechanism. As a safety

feature, this is a convenient bonus. Locking piston lift systems will keep your wall bed shut no

matter how fatigued the piston system gets.

Compare with spring, if pistons lose their strength over time, and this is a possibility, they

cannot be adjusted like spring lift systems. Pistons must be replaced entirely.A spring lift system

has a few springs if one spring is broken, it will not affect the use of the wall bed, but the piston will affect the wall bed use when it is broken, so the spring is more durable. So use of different lift system for the wall bed then the price is different.

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