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Wall bed with table 2018-08-10 10:17:38
Can I get a desk or table with my wall bed?

A question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is, “Can I get a desk or table with my wall bed.” Thankfully the folks at Tall furniture have heard your cries, and have come up with several innovative solutions that will meet your specific needs and allow your multipurpose room to function, however you need it to. Desks and tables serve so many different purposes that it would be impossible to meet all needs with one solution. With that being said, Tall furniture has developed three different table and desk options to capture virtually everyone’s needs.

Wall bed with table

The first solution that Tall furniture created was the wall bed with table. Wall bed with table is a folding table that attaches to the face of the standard murphy beds. This ingenious design allows the table to store flat on the face of the bed, when the bed is in use, and project out into a nice workspace when the bed is up. This table ranges in dimensions based on the style of bed, but the basic dimensions for a Home Front or Gallery series bed is 22” wide and 45” long and sits 30” off the ground. The basic dimensions for the Studio series is 30” wide by 36” long. The main reason for the size difference is that the piston lift beds lock in the up-position so adding more weight to the face of the bed has no adverse effect.

The Studio Desk

The next option to discuss is the Studio Desk. The concept is similar to the Disappearing Desk Bed, but instead of it being a side mount unit, it is a vertical unit. The other difference is that there is 9” of clearance on the desktop rather than the 17.5” on the Disappearing Desk Bed. This makes it a great work space for a laptop, or tablet. The size and shape of the Studio Desk also makes it a great workspace for sewing, drafting, or crafting.

The Home Office

The last option is the broadest as well, it is the home office. This is a custom designed desk that is either standalone or attached to the side of the bed. Tall furniture has developed an angled design that allows you have a large permanent workspace, which also allows your guests to have room on the side of the bed to get in and out. The size and shape of this configuration is based on what you want and the layout of your room. You simply provide the dimensions and a brief description of what you want, and a Tall furniture Sales Team member will put together a drawing showing how it will look in your room. This allows you to fine tune the unit to ensure that it is exactly what you want.

The home office consist of three parts, the desktop, pedestals, and upper cabinets. With the desktop you have your choice of a pencil drawer, or a keyboard tray. The pedestals are the cabinet options that the desktop sits on. Tall furniture offers a wide range of configurations and sizes to meet your needs. The final part to consider are the upper cabinets. These are attached to the wall above your desk and can be open bookcases, or closed storage cabinets.

The benefit to working with Tall furniture is that they build everything specific for you, so they are able to truly accommodate you and your specific needs. Many styles and stains are available to match the existing furniture and to allow you to create something that you love.

In Conclusion

So, can I get a desk or table with my wall bed? Yes, absolutely yes. Tall furniture has options that will work for your specific needs. They have taken the time to develop several different desk and table options with to help you save space beautifully. When it comes to desks, tables, murphy beds or any other custom furniture that you need, know that Tall furniture not only has you covered, but they will work to exceed your expectations.
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