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Wall Bed With Desk 2018-07-13 14:21:47
Tall furniture company is the biggest manufacturer of wall bed in Guangzhou. We have research and development department to creative good wall bed, which allows you to utilize your space to its fullest extent with a convenient built-in table that can act as a desk---wall bed with desk.

There is a simply desk when the wall bed is not in use ! You have an instant desk or an expansion to your work area or study area. The desk will be folded easily maintain a good balance with anything put on it, even the glass, it will not fall down, no need to remove anything away from wall bed desk..

Wall bed with desk, the desk from the same high quality oak and maple that we use to construct our Murphy beds. Our Murphy bed with desk giving your table a seamless finish.

The Tall wall bed provides an innovative way to creative even more space for your home,hotel, apartment... when space is premium nowadays. Come to Tall, say goodbye to snail house!

For more information about specification include finishes, dimensions, colors, instruction and shipping options, please come here don’t hesitate. Questions regarding to customize on wall bed, please contact our customer service representatives.

Sample can be offer to check of the finishes available for this wall bed with desk. please come to me!
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