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Wall bed Specification 2017-10-13 14:52:50

We offer single size wall bed,queen size wall bed and space saving wall bed, so what are the characteristics of our wall bed?
Wall Bed Material Description
1, Our company is supporting the use of E1-class environmental density plate, environmental protection and durability,
2, curved wood lath to make your mattress better protected and used,
3, The bed frame is 30mm plywood, more secure and guaranteed,
4, Wall mechanism supporting is spring, it after 30,000 times the use of testing, longer service life.

Wall Bed Features:
1, Make full use of space, a small house also can have a large used space,
2, The use of specific places to achieve hidden effect. (Such as study room, living room),
3, The wall bed can stay in any angle after it bed to open 30 degrees, it was safe and reliable operation,
4, Bed feet have automatic type and manual type, the operation is extremely simple,
5, Bed frame with rectangular tube structure, the bed can withstand 300 kg,
6, With standard mattress, sleep will be more comfortable,
7, Wall bed using spring mechanism, let the wall bed to open and close becomes easy,
8, The height of the wall bed after opening is 40cm from the ground to bed board, consistent with the traditional bed height, special occasions can be customized according to customer needs,
9, All products are research and development by our research and development team, we can provide customized services in accordance with your request.

Wall Bed Installation Notes:
Our company will provide a detailed installation steps drawings, as well as the installation of video to help you easily complete the product installation. If you encounter any problems during the installation process, you can contact us, we will reply in time.
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