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VR Experience In Furniture Industry 2017-08-25 12:05:02

With VR equipment, you can experience every corner of the virtual model, go to the window or balcony also can see the outdoor landscape.

The function of VR equipment in furniture industry:
* In the phone can search for inspiration by space, style or color.
* Designers use 3D VR software to design different styles showroom with virtual templates.
* 3D VR home design can offer the price list for all furniture shown in the virtual showroom.
* Decorate your home is no longer need the design sketch, you can 360 degrees roaming in "artificial space".
* Touch the House of the future, just as it is. Put on VR glasses, you can immersive, immersion to experience the "future home."

The full name of VR technology is virtual reality, that is, VR technology, use of computer simulation to produce a three-dimensional space of the virtual world, to provide users with visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory simulation, so that users as immersive general, can be timely, unrestricted observation things in the three-degree space.

At currently, VR + boom swept the many industries, also including home furniture industry. Innovative, convenient, efficient, affordable home one-stop experience service of VR technology have used in thousands of households people's house.

When the virtual reality, the future of home will be what? The popular of VR technology produces an immersive experience with its ultra-high degree of emulation. Some people say that this not only satisfies the consumer to explore the imaginary world, the future home decoration becomes visible can be predictable "real plan", also can through the industrial chain integration, realizes installs one-stop service, the "Internet +" may become "Vr+".

VR also a good experience for our intelligent space-saving furniture, we can show our real model through VR to customers who come from all over the world, and customers can more realistically understand our new wall bed design and style in their office, thereby reducing customer procurement costs and save time.

The future, TALL also strive for the consumers to bring more convenient, more simple ultimate home decoration experience, to meet their "experience" and "service" requirements.
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