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The Use of Wall Bed 2017-08-18 09:15:30
The Murphy bed, invented in the early Nineteenth Century, European world. Now, wall bed in Europe and the United States has been widely used. Wall beds are widely used in apartments, hotels, offices, studio, and any other buildings that require effective use of space.

1. The relative reduction of modern bedroom area, the need for home improvement design as reasonable as possible use of space. The use of invisible beds, daytime wall beds, empty rooms, almost as a multi-functional hall.

2. The study is also known as the family studio, as a reading, writing, as well as spare time study, research, work space. Putting the wall bed in the study can not only provide a space for people to rest but also can create conditions for writing and reading after the wall bed is put away.

3. The hidden bed is the office of the lunch bed first choice, embedded bookcase after beautiful generous, at noon rest, cupboard door is turned down, is a standard bed. The rest is comfortable and healthy, and the afternoon work is full of energy.
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