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The Smart Home 2017-04-12 14:44:00

Nowadays more and more people like intelligent creative home, what happen in a traditional living interior?A lot, or very little. It depends on your point of view.

How to custom your unusual smart home? Let OVIT offer you a Small Space Solution.

One room 12㎡ can become two bedroom, one study room and a locker room, OVIT makes it possible! New dimensions for comfortable life – relaxing, sleeping, playing, working, studying.

Our multifunction furniture are capable of improving your quality of living. We make all kinds of wall bed that doubles as sofas, office desks, dining table, bookcase and storage.

The function of wall bed,

1.Space saving, can achieve a small house become a large space;

2.Intelligent, the relax room and study room arbitrary switching;

3.Multifunction, doubles as storage, bookcase, office desks and so on;

4.Convenient, just pull down the wall bed, sofa become standard sleeping bed, convenience for friends and relatives to visit and stay, also save the trouble of frequent cleaning.

Whatever the white-collar or civil servants, after a morning's work and study, the human body consumes a lot of physical power and mental. After lunch, you must lie on the morden wall bed to sleep for a while, relieve fatigue, add strength, there will be more adequate strength and spirit into the work in the afternoon. So the lunch break is very important, a convenient and a piece of bed is very important. At this time the Murphy bed plays a very important role, a space saving wall bed, also can be a office desk, to provide you with a comfortable working environment and relax interspaces.

Our objective is offer a complete solution for any compact living need, quality, design and function, create a better living style. The values of OVIT is Research and development, innovation, patented technology, creative spirit, according to individual lifestyles to create multiply spaces, personalizing home.

OVIT give you a intelligent and multifunction home, what are you waiting for, join us!

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