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Study desk bed 2017-06-23 15:00:38

A Study desk Bed is a clever variation on a Wall Bed.It is a clever neat solution to making the most of confined living space and is perfect for that room that needs to be used as both a study and a bedroom.

The study desk bed combination that allows for space saving at it’s best. It combines a bed with a very large desk and converts quickly and easily in just a few seconds without the need to remove any items off the desk nor any of the bedding.

Whole the study desk bed is made of E1 class melamine faced chipboard which can meet European standard. It is environmental and good for healthy.The advantages of using particleboard over veneer core plywood is it is more stable, (unless it gets wet), much cheaper to buy, and somewhat more convenient to use.

The study desk bed is free standing not need to connect with the wall. It is allow to stay at any space even without the wall.The bed is easy to install. We will offer you you the installation instructions when you order the bed from us. And it is coming with 2 years warranty.

Let’s get a study desk bed now!
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