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Space Saving Wooden Wall Bunk Bed 2017-11-24 17:43:24

Does the dormitory space is too small, do not have enough space to put two beds? OVIT furniture can help you to get the extra space and top notch quality with our beautiful designs. With Wooden wall bunk bed, even only have 6 square, you also can easily to use your space.

Wooden wall bunk bed,one can be two normal single bed, after folding will have more space. Let me show you why the wooden wall bunk bed is more practical,

1. With High-grade Aluminum handle, more durable and beautiful

2. Have movable metal steel safety ladder, high-quality metal to ensure safety

3. Safety guard. The bedstead have safety guard on top and side, intimate design is more effective in protecting your use safety

4. Comfortable and soft cushion. Add the cushion on top plane and back plane, more comfortable

5. The sheet and quilt do not need to tidy away. After waking up, you just need to use mattress bandage to fixed them

6. Free falling aluminum feet. You can be put down a lower berth, alone with aluminum feet support. It's strong even without a ladder and it can bearing 300 kg.

7. Hardware bedstead. The material is birch skeleton, high toughness and good bearing performance

8. There also have balance buffers to keep the balance between the bedstead and the bed frame.

What a practical Wooden wall bunk bed! We also can offer customization service, if you want to know more about us, please feel free to contact us +86 15914358948. Let’s us save more space and make a lovely home.
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