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Space Saving Wall Beds 2017-10-30 08:49:18
Housing is getting smaller & smaller. Rooms are getting smaller. For this reason space saving & multiple use furniture has become very important. A space saving is the best solution to created more space.

We offer an range of the high quality space saving wall beds for your choice of colors and types and other optional extras requires. Making your room bigger.

But lots people have no idea and asked many questions in relation to space saving wall beds. Let’s list some questions frequently asked and help us to know more:

1.Can I fold away the wall bed with bedding and pillows left on?
Yes! Wall beds include straps to hold the bedding in place when folded away. This gives the advantage of instantly producing a bed which is ready to sleep on, also when folding away there is no faff taking all the bedding off and finding somewhere to store it

2.Are wall beds easy to use?
Yes! They are so simple and easy to operate. Simply pull down into ground, When you have finished using the bed simply fold away to conceal it within the cabinet.

3. Are wall bed safe to use?
Yes! It is safe and long time usage. The spring mechanism with a counter balance system to reduce much of the weight when being operated.It can stand any place you want. Bed body spring mechanical power reduction patent,high-grade hardware,safer and durable.

4.Can wall beds be opened and closed quickly?
Wall beds can be lowered ready to sleep and folded away in seconds. Just like you would with a regular bed and then fold it away - No fuss and so much more space.

5.Are wall beds comfy?
Yes! The advantage of a space saving wall bed is that they have a proper slatted bed base and proper metal bed base frame so there is no difference in comfort compared to standard beds.

6.Do you offer matching furniture to compliment my wall bed?
Yes! There are wardrobe, storage cabinet, wine cabinet, sofa, bookcase, tea table...Please request our catalog to view our range of matching furniture.

7.Can I install the wall bed myself?
You can install it by yourself with our installation instruction offered. But we suggest wall beds should be installed by someone with wall fixing experience.You can find your local tradespeople to carry out your installation.

If any questions please feel free to contact us and view our website:
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