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Smart Home Furniture Hidden chair 2017-03-20 16:02:35

OVIT Smart Home Furniture designs - Hidden chair, ONE CAN BE FIVE. A space saving hidden chair which can build a multifunctional, lovely home for you.

OVIT designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of small furniture systems all over the world. All kind of space save solutions which can offer not only different sets of furniture, but also new ideas of life. Our company supplies all kinds of smart furniture, such as Hidden chair, Retractable dinner table, Bookcase with folding desk, Murphy bed, Bunk wall bed, Kids bed, Sofa wall bed, etc. Now let us introduce why hidden chair are so popular in our life.

Hidden chair TA-CH1005 is a retractable smart furniture that can let five seats become one chair which saves up a lot of space. How can we do that? Because the sizes of feet are different. One is smaller than the other(as shown above) so that they can be hidden. However the sizes of seats are the same which make them a perfect set. The size of a normal seat is 50*50*50cm or 55*55*55cm, but it can also be customized according to your design.

The material of the feet is iron, the chair is more fashionable and concise with the silver color. The material of front-panel is sponge, leather or fabric with various color options. The PU can be white, grey or black. While green, orange, dark gray, liver-colored are available for the fabric. With that you can have five  different kinds of color set for the chair.

Some people may worry about installation. Take it easy, the chair will be well installed before shipping. Offering our best products and services for you is our mission!

The Hidden chair and Murphy wall bed are perfectly matched together, our team is committed to giving customers the best space saving solutions, let everybody have more living space. For more information, please visit or contact us by phone or email.

Come on! Let us build your own smart and multifunction home together.

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