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New Trend Furniture Murphy Bed Made More Space 2017-09-28 09:01:57
A Murphy bed, is a functional furniture piece that can transform any room into a bedroom instantly. These beds utilize vertical space to store and display a bed without the obvious intrusion into valuable room space. They are the perfect addition to any room that doubles as the guest bedroom, or for smaller bedrooms that have limited floor space. Murphy beds are lowered from their vertical position when in use, and can be lifted back into the vertical position in one quick movement, creating the ease of utilizing one room for multiple purposes.

We're proud to create only the finest Murphy beds available. Over 6 years of experience goes into each of our furniture pieces, and it shows. Built to last, our wall beds feature expert craftsmanship, hand-applied finishes, and solid wood internal construction. Tall Company prides itself on utilizing eco-friendly manufacturing practices, continually working to reduce our eco-imprint and create a stylish Murphy wall bed without harming the environment. We are proud to offer plywood for all of our spring mechanism furniture designs!

We believe in making your style inspirations come to life, combining exquisite quality with exceptional value. The perfect Murphy bed is not only efficient but also beautiful, inside and out. Tall Wall Bed Factory, our goal is to help you discover your perfect wall bed style. Whether your Murphy bed will be used in a guest room, home office, craft room, or as an every day bed, the details of design are what will make your bed a centerpiece. Whether you like the classic Americana style of our Vertical Murphy Beds and Horizontal Wall Beds or want a murphy bed combined with a desk or side cabinet and bookcase combination, our team of Tall Company service representatives are trained in creating Murphy bed spaces that reflect your tastes, needs and budget.

The Murphy bed market has grown enormously in the past decade, and more and more companies are offering this unique bed style. Because of this growing market, there are several important things to take into consideration when purchasing a Murphy bed. It is our goal to educate you, the buyer, on all of these things before you make a purchase. We have discussed here the different factors that go into choosing and buying a Wall bed, such as the type of mechanism used, the types of materials used, finishes, styles, important company characteristics to look for, shipping and delivery procedures and installation.

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