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New Arrival Transformable Folding Wall Bed 2017-09-15 16:39:34

Home has come to mean something different today! Any space can be a home when it feels comfortable and uniquely yours. Furniture manufacturer Tall Furniture recently released more products to fill the need for stylish pieces with more functions that double the space.

With our new folding wall bed design combination of bookcase and sofa. You can very easily change your bedroom into studio, living room without any changes in a few seconds. It is not only double your space but also expand the functions of your home.The new product has been designed for space saving, flexible and multifunctional.

The new products still maintain that high quality and intelligent and stylish design that Tall Furniture has been known for. Every piece is the European Standard Quality Class 1, with reinforced structure system for durability and low formaldehyde for environment and child safety.

What’s more, we offer free design consultancy service for you to create a better living space.Tall furniture is the partner you can rely on. For more details please kindly contact us at
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