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Murphy wall bed - Not only simple, but also utility 2017-06-20 09:28:22

Murphy wall bed

Do you worry that you do not have enough living space? Do worry about that, OVIT are committed to developing and design all kinds of smart furniture,especially in wall beds solutions and find the perfect space-saving bed solutions to suit your needs.

Custom Your Space
We can offer DIY service, welcome to custom made for your space, lifestyle, your unique home. If you require any support in the design we have professional designer to help you create your dream home. OVIT offer for you not only a set of furniture, but also a space saving solution.

Murphy Wall Bed solutions can be easily converted sitting room into a bedroom that can make your guests feel comfortable with our fold wall bed. If your children have friends over to stay you can simply pull down the wall bed and they instantly have somewhere to sleep. Imagine having a room you could use daily as a sitting room,home office, play room, entertainment room, craft room or bedroom, our wall bed can easily transform your room into a multifunctional space.

Various Smart Design

OVIT have several kinds of wall bed, horizontal wall bed, vertical wall bed, Murphy bed with sofa, with desk, with bookcase, bunk wall beds and etc. Our wall beds can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be incorporated into a wardrobe design that will serve multiple purposes.

We not only have wall bed, but also have various smart furniture. Collapsible stool, one can be five. Folding bookcase can be a writing desk. Cabinet can be dinner table and etc, any more interesting, please contact us.

Murphy wall bed, not only simple, but also utility. Let us reasonable utilize our living space, create a multifunctional home.

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