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Murphy Bunk Bed 2018-11-09 17:24:21
A common dilemma for expanding families in small spaces is what to do when the number of kids outpaces the number of bedrooms. Murphy Bunk beds seems a popular and obvious solution. Murphy bunk beds are simple, elegant design, good value and look awesome!

Our company Murphy bunk beds allow you to maximize every square foot in any space — perfect for kids, teens and adults. By day, the Murphy bunk bed systems can feature front-facing sofas or desks: at night, they seamlessly transform into fine Murphy bunk beds . These transformable and space saving Murphy bunk beds are far superior in quality, function and style to traditional bunk beds.

Murphy Bunk Beds are perfectly suited for the kid's room, the kid's have room to play instead of the family room. When at night, they are also actually look forward to bedtime because their beds are so cool. Our Murphy bunk beds are also a great space saving solution for fire stations, cabins, lodges and dormitories. It come standard as Twin over Twin but are also available in twin extra long for those tall guests. Not just for kids, our Murphy bunk Bed systems can accommodate adults 350kg.

Our Murphy Bunk Beds are constructed of plywood and MFC. The Bunk Beds utilize the piston lift system that is guaranteed for life. It contains 4 guardrails. Three sided guard rails on the upper bunk that is securely protected people who fall down. Guardrails can be offer more if required. Steel ladder fixed with a piston, which easy access and take out.

Murphy bunk bed from Tall are space saving super furniture,will maximize your space with Outstanding performance and high quality , If any inquiry or questions will be welcome!

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