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Multifunctional space saving furniture--wall bed with sofa and shelf 2017-06-23 11:49:38
Nowadays, as the living space continues to shrink, many young people buy a house with two bedrooms and one living room, which is more economical for them and more in line with the composition of the modern family. But when they have to entertain guests, they tend to worry about having no spare room at night.

Wall bed let us see a new fashion, this is a wall bed with sofa, and you can install it in the bedroom or living room, bed can be folded up during the day, the rest of the sofa can not only meet the daily needs, but also make your room look not so narrow. In the evening, you can put the bed down, then save th
e sofa space.

For the shelf, you can put the small thing on it, it will be always keep horizontal and enough space that you don’t need to clear anything from them at any time.

This wall bed not only saves more space for your home, but also makes it more beautiful, because a variety of different color wall beds can be offer to make it more harmonious with the color of your room.

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