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Multifunction Wall bed / Murphy bed 2017-06-27 15:17:26
Why is the Multifunctional Murphy wall bed so popular now? Let's tell you why.

1.Now many people's houses are relatively small, do not enough space for they families. Especially in China's first tier cities, housing prices are too high, young people do not have enough money to buy a big house.

2.Murphy wall bed reasonable use a space as far as possible, save more space.

3.Murphy wall bed can make a bedroom to be living room, playroom and a study room, not just a sleep, rest space.

But are you familiar with Murphy wall beds? Let's introduce our folding wall bed for you. Wall bed structure, stability, bearing capacity and design rationality.

1.Bedstead + Batten + Board. Our bedstead is make by high quality steel, batten is bending-wood, outline border is 30mm E1 level plywood, backboard and door backboard is E1 level MFC or MDF.

2.The Core power assisting device is spring and gas, they make the wall bed normal operation. A qualified wall bed has a good cushioning function when it is open, even if no one hold, it doesn't hit the floor.

3.For single bed, the mattress weight requirements is 10 kg, the double bed is 15 kg, if the mattress is too light, it will cause the wall bed to rebound automatically when it is opened.

4.We can based on there is a sound or not when we open the wall bed, to judge the installation of the bed is correct or not.

5.The installation of the bed is correct and reasonable, you can open the wall bed when there is a sound, lying down when there is a sound.

How much do you know about wall bed now? If you want to know more details, please contact us, our Website is

Folding wall beds have become a trend, more and more people are prefer this kinds of practical and smart furniture. Let us make our utility and multifunctional home.
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