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Multifunction Queen Size Murphy Bed 2018-01-05 18:12:30

Queen Size Murphy Bed

The most basic type of queen size bed is the traditional regular beds, our queen size wall bed is a Foldable wall bed, these fold into the wall and come down when you or whoever is using the bed are ready to sleep.

Traditional sofa beds are often uncomfortable to sleep on, but for the sofa wall bed include a full mattress, that you can get a great option for daily use, or a comfortable sleeping area for guests. By choosing a Sofa wall bed in Queen size, you effectively add square footage to the room.

When you fold up a sofa bed, you are left with a comfortable couch you can lounge on. You can put this style of bed in a living room, study or even a bedroom. The couch allows you to add seating space, an option you wouldn’t have in this room if you chose a regular bed taking up valuable floor space.

We also can add a bookshelves in the bed, you can put the books, computers, water cups in the shelves and do not need to remove all of them when open the wall bed.

You don’t need a lot of strength to open and close these beds, they fold down smoothly and spring back when you finish using them. You can customize some options on many of our beds, such as the leather or fabric of the sofa. You also can according your room space to adjust the wall bed size.

Why Choice a Queen Size Sofa Wall Bed?
This type of bed works best for:
Guest bedrooms
Living rooms
Families with multiple kids sharing a room

Come on, choose your Multifunction Queen Size Murphy Bed. Any more interest, please send an inquiry to us or contact a sales representative directly to request a quote +86 15914358948.
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