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Modern space solutions--Murphy bed with sofa 2017-08-31 17:59:48
Space solutions offers a wide range of modern solutions for every space in your home. The biggest problem is where to put the bed for a space-saving place to sleep. Most people find it difficult to devote a whole room to a big bed sitting there, taking up valuable space. Let me introduce to you: The Murphy Bed Sofa!

Murphy bed sofa is a great multifunctional solution for the dilemma to do that with a room that also needs to be able to accommodate a bed.

These designs are modern and minimalist, clean and simple.

Above you have a shelve for books, decorative objects etc.

When you want to access the bed, you pull the shelve toward you, and the shelves then become the leg support for the bed. Whatever is on the shelve can stay on it, you don’t have to move anything.. so easy.

There are two back cushions fit on the sofa part. It flips up from the back and you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or spreading out all over the floor, creating chaos in a small space.

When you get up, all you do is clip your sheets and pillows in place, so they don’t slide down, and you flip the bed back up. The bed goes up and down on a spring system. It can self-standing, so you don’t have to do any backbreaking lifts to operate this bed.

With a wall bed with sofa, not only do you have a real bed at night, but the entire bed easily folds up into the wall, revealing a sofa during the day. In addition, you can leave the bedding on the bed without worrying about it getting caught in the mechanism.

This murphy wall bed with sofa is a highly functional hidden bed solution with European design and modern styling.

No matter where you are in life, our custom-designed murphy bed fit for your space and style to making the most of your existing space with our space-saving furniture.
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