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Make the Most of Your Space with Smart Furniture 2017-07-14 11:40:08
Do you still worry about do not having enough space? Don’t worry about that, our company mainly offer all kinds of smart furniture, making the most of a small space requires innovative furniture solutions, to help you maximize your space.

We are the professional wall bed manufacturer, located in Guangzhou China. OVIT wall beds are an excellent choice for any studio apartment, dormitory, guest room or other multifunctional space.

Longing to add more space to your home, while avoiding the expense and time of a remodel or addition? More Space Place offers the widest selection of the most comfortable Murphy beds, folding beds, and wall beds, products created to give you back the space you need. Sometimes, you demand a level of style and quality in your home that can’t be compromised. Fortunately, saving space doesn’t have to mean lacking in style, we can offer the multifunction, modern and smart furniture for you.

Murphy beds offer a simple, utilitarian design to conveniently transform your home office or den into a comfortable guest bedroom, saving you money and square footage. Murphy beds are easy to lift, and won’t bend, fold or crease your mattress.

Whether your room is small or large, wide or narrow, we can offer the suitable Murphy bed for you. Most of our wall beds are available in Queen, and double, single, and king-single size, with a variety of mattress choices, we also can according your space to offer the suitable design for you,welcome to customize.

Don’t worry about do not having enough space,that is why we are here to give you the space saving solution and multifunctional furniture. More detail information, please contact us +86 15914358948.

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