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Magical wall mounted folding table 2017-03-27 16:18:47

Tall Furniture is a professional furniture manufacturer on space saving furniture. We have passed ISO 9001:2000 quality system, SGS.

Make the most of your existing space with Tall’s stylish and portable Magical wall mounted folding table. It doubles your room space as a working surface and storage area anywhere you need it.

Using our wall mounted folding table to transform  an small space into your own personal work, study or writing area. If you want to clean up some clutter around your home, this lightweight and convenient desk provides a simple and orderly solution. When space is limited.Tall is big on ideas to maximize your living area by other designs of our space saving furniture.

If you are marketing home-made products at the local market, bring the Magical wall mounted folding table along and also unfold it right away. It is suggested that you set up the table on a flat surface for maximum stability. Each of the legs has a rubber foot on the end to maintain the table securely planted on the ground.

Finally, the table can mount easily onto any wall in your home, no previous experience necessary.

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