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Magic of Murphy bed 2017-02-27 17:24:31

Do you remember Caroline's folding bed in the <bankruptcy sisters>? Do you know what's it name? Charm of the hidden look and comfort feeling make people impressed by it, this kind of bed has a unified name - Murphy bed, also known as the wall bed. Here collected 1 Murphy bed wonderful case, look at our room "exchange bed & storage cabinet".

Murphy bed, also known as the wall bed, hidden bed, flip bed. The comfortable murphy bed is installed on the wall, usually looks like the wardrobe, turn down the door panel when you sleep, is a standard simmons. Murphy bed also a perfect combination of study, living room, guest bedroom etc..

Wall bed is one of my favorite bed, you can not see there is a bed when it close at day, is a comfortable and warm bed at evening, the most suitable for compact small apartment decoration. The room in the picture is only 9 square meters, the wall bed match with wardrobe, bookcase, lift table and sofa and other furniture, so that this small room has become a bedroom + living room + study. The overall design with a unique style to create a stylish bedroom atmosphere. This wall bed with a desk, can as a office desk. Match with the cabinet can accommodate a lot of things, so the room can be clean and orderly. The bed close up at day, is a good living room or study, it's a bedroom at night when open the wall bed. You can also choose the furniture according your needs, see more design at next series.

The rooms also 9 square meters as below picture, the queen size wall bed is equipped with different furniture, including wardrobe, bookcases with folding desk, coffee table and top cabinet, etc. The modern wall bed with a drawer sofa, so the storage space will be larger, then it can be switch between the bedroom, living room and study. The lift table with a pulley is easy to move. Such a simple wall bed match with some furniture can make 9 square meters of the room turned into a multi-purpose bedroom, is not occupy too much space, right?

This style wall bed is different compare with before design solution, that's vertical design as before you see, and it's horizontal design as below picture show, the horizontal have features a foldable office desk. The decoration of this room is another style, when not in use, the wall bed look like a simple storage cabinet, or even can place some light goods on the bed frame. You can customize the different sizes as needed, it also can as a children's bed. The biggest feature of the room is equipped with a TV cabinet, the overall appearance of all bed wooden furniture has simple design, make people feel that's comfortable, and maximize to use the room space, the main design is to combinate the bedroom + living room.

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For a 15 square meter studio apartment, it can be design as a bedroom + study + cloakroom + kitchen + living room + restaurant. The sofa also can match with armrest, also very perfect, and the table next to the wall bed can be folded, for small apartment is very practical and perfect. A well-designed space that uses multifunctional furniture can make your home - small or large - function like a space twice its size.. Tables and chairs are easy to move, so when you want to do exercise, you can get enough space as long as close the bed and move the table and chairs. When closing the wall bed, is the living room and open kitchen, if you need this design then your room need to have a nice ventilation, otherwise there will be cooking fumes.

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