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Instructions of Murphy wall bed 2017-04-07 18:03:01

Murphy bed products including bed frame, fixed parts hardware and box plate, can be a full set of design by our company, can also be ordered separately invisible bed accessories, to do the wooden box by yourself, and our company can provide the size drawings of wood plate.

     We can according to your specific size and the specific requirements, combine with the wardrobe, bookcase, computer desk and other furniture and the space saving wall bed, make a comprehensive design of the function and  appearance. It's more practical, more personality, and more in line with your use of the room space.

The features of popular Murphy wall bed:

(1) New functional hidden wall bed

(2) Standard mattress, 150mm thick white Simmons mattress

(3) After opening of the bed, the height of the bed from the ground is about 40cm

(4) Bed frame can be stay at 30 degrees after open

(5) The Murphy bed must be fixed with the wall before use

(6) The stand feet will automatically retractable in the opening process

(7) The booster part of the wall bed will using spring

Our Murphy wall bed advantages:

1. European standard E1 class green environmental protection board

The plate using the European E1 environmental particle board, formaldehyde emission is less than 1.5mg/L, is widely used in Europe and the United States' furniture manufacturers, good stability, high strength, plate screw holding force, no smell, is a artificial boards closest to the natural wood but it's better than the natural wood material.

2. Precision edge banding technology

Using the import edge banding machine to processing, the workmanship for banding edge technology is the leading in domestic, while selection of high-quality brand edge banding with protective plates, good wear resistance, high water resistance, safety and beauty, product life will be longer.

3. High quality and durable hardware

Murphy wall bed hardware structure comprehensive upgrade, our multi functional design murphy wall bed have achieved more than 50,000 times for the continuity of continuous product flip test,  guarantee the quality of the product effectively.

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