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How to maintain different furniture 2017-07-03 15:25:59

As a home, we believe that you will buy some furniture to decorate it. But do you know how to maintain the furniture in your house?

Here some tips for your reference:
Tips 1: Panel Furniture Maintenance
The biggest advantage of Plate Furniture products are wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, acid, and alkali, hot, resistant to pollution, and with the different natural color.
Since natural wood is an organism that keeps breathing, it must be placed in a suitable environment, and it is necessary to avoid the presence of drinks, chemicals or overheated objects on the surface to avoid loss of the natural color of the wood. If fire board material, when the dirt more, at first, you can use the diluted detergent with warm water, then wipe with clear water, remember to use a soft and dry cloth to wipe the residual water stains, when it's completely dry, and then use Maintenance wax polished, that's completed.

Tips 2: Leather furniture maintenance
Leather has a good heat resistance, humidity and ventilation characteristics, coupled with natural leather texture, without fixed direction, regardless of flat or vertical, are showing scalability; In addition, the leather dyeing is not easy to fade and has elegant color, excellent touch, and bright appearance, so has been loved by the consumer. How can you maintain the attractive appearance of genuine leather products? Daily cleaning is the key. For general maintenance, just wipe it with a clean, soft cloth; If you want to clean up the dirt that is used for a long time, the best way is: First of all, please use warm water diluted neutral detergent (1%-3%) to wipe, and then wring the cloth to wipe the cleaning liquid that leaves on the surface, and finally, with dry cloth polish, use some leather care agent wipe when it's fully dry.

Tips 3: Cloth furniture maintenance
The fabric most often used in chairs and sofas, with its comfortable touch and rich colors, that makes the traditional furniture has a more varied look. Common maintenance methods: When cloth furniture coated with dust, sand or other dry dirt, as long as gently or vacuumed to clean, for the grain of sand, you can brush gently, but can not use the hard brush, so that will damage the cloth, if stained with drinks and juice wipe with hand and absorb moisture. Then with warm water to dissolve the neutral detergent to wipe, and then use a soft cloth to wipe, and finally to dry with low-temperature.

Tips 4: Steel furniture maintenance
Solid and durable steel furniture is the most common office equipment, especially file cabinets and other products. Also an indispensable storage tool in the office. Steel office furniture, sofa and coffee table in surface part, the maintenance mode is: with the soft cloth, but avoid to use the organic solvents (such as Pine oil, decontamination oil) or wet cloth to clean, these are the main causes of scars and rust.

Take care of your furniture from now on. When you have a wall bed, also can use these methods to maintain it, which will extend the service life of your furniture. For more methods of the maintenance of the Murphy wall bed, please contact our customer service.
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