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How to install the Horizontal Murphy bed with desk 2017-10-13 08:41:02
With the development of the furniture industry, the market appeared a stealth bed such as pull down wall bed,hidden Murphy wall bed and space saving wall bed. It is more and more loved and popular by small units in recent years. But many friends do not know how to buy and install. In fact, is not difficult!

Let’s learn it now!

Tools:folding bed mechanism, drill, hex wrench, power tools, screwdriver, hammer

The method / step:
Before installation, please check the installation instructions that given by the buyer. Let's look at the installation diagram as below.

1. Install metal bed frame:
Metal side back frame connect with wooden panels by 12pcs M4*16mm self tapping screw. To ensure that the diagonal size is the same after install.

2. Assembly the wooden bed frame:
To connection fitting is Three-in-one screw and M12*40mm wood tip.Use M4*25mm self tapping screw to fix back panel of top cabinet.

3. The back rack are connect with wooden bed frame:
Uplift the back rack, abreast with the bed frame and use the M4*16mm self tapping screw to lock.

4. Install bed frame:
Erect bed frame, move to installation location, adjust the size of diagonal to be same. Use M8*60mm expansion screw to fixed in the wall; M4*50mm self tapping screw to install positioner; M8*25mm specialized screw to install the mattress frame bracket.

5.Back and bottom panel installation:
Put the larger back panel into top panel groove, fix by M4*25mm self tapping screw. Use Three-in-one screw to fix the skirting line and bottom panel. Put into the bed frame, and fixed with special angle iron.

6. Install bedstead:
Use M4*25mm self tapping screw to fix the bedstead and door panel. Erect bedstead, put the bedstead shaft into the mattress frame bracket. M8*100mm screw is for adjusting the gap between the bedstead and bed frame.

7. Debug the bedstead spring box:
The close bed is ajar and use 18mm wrench clockwise debug the spring box. The best situation is freely usable.

8. Install desk:
Use specialized screw, 4*16mm tapping screw install the snap joint and hinge. And 6*25mm machine screw connect the desk panel and door panel.

9. Put the mattress on the mattress frame:
Put the mattress on mattress frame and tight the fabric bandage.


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