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How Important the Murphy Wall Bed in the Daily Life 2017-08-25 10:32:54
Murphy beds are a convenient and ingenious invention actually developed before sliced bread. In 1912, in its early stages, it was once called the "Disappearing Bed."

Today we refer to them as wall beds, pull down beds, or fold down beds depending where you are in the world. But no matter the name, the idea has been traded globally because everyone can use extra space where it's limited, including in apartments, homes, dormitories, and hotels. Like most inventions, Murphy beds have been brought back to the drawing board again and again throughout the decades. They're made so anyone can use them since they come in all different sizes ranging from king to queen to twin murphy bed sizes. You can even find murphy beds with desks and many of them now include lighting, storage cabinets, office components, and assembly with a push of a button (because what's the 21st century without remote control of your Murphy bed?)

We know that traveling can get expensive, with hotel stays racking up hundreds of dollars on costs. And traveling to big cities? It can be easy to spend over $1,000 staying at a hotel for a few nights. An easy way to save money? Rent a place on Tall! An even better way to save money? Rent a smaller place on Airbnb made convenient with a Murphy bed! Tall allows travelers to connect with hosts who own homes anywhere and everywhere, and just like a temporary rental, guests can live in these homes. Sure, hotels are always an option, but staying in a rooftop penthouse in the middle of Manhattan overlooking Broadway is a completely different experience. See for yourself!

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