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Horizontal wall bed with desk 2018-08-24 18:00:47
These days, the smaller apartments becoming the norm these days, but people still want living spaces that look great. The market for convertible furniture is exploding.These fold-up beds which pull down from the wall – and tuck back into position when not in use – are still a great space saver for small bedrooms and apartments.

Most of these modern Murphy beds work with sophisticated dual-piston or spring-carriage systems, so the mattress and frame can be pulled down or put away with just one hand.

Even better, there are some ingenious combinations of furniture based on Murphy beds. One of the most popular is the horizontal wall bed with desk; An integral workstation is built right onto the face of the unit, to be used during the day while the bed is folded into the wall. At night when the mattress is pulled down, the desk automatically folds safely underneath the bed frame. It’s an ideal way to save as much space as possible.

The horizontal wall bed with desk on the bottom which is left on the outside when the piece is folded.

There is no need to choose between having an office or a guest room anymore, now you can have both with this stylish side folding convertible office to bedroom furniture combination. The Horizontal wall bed with desk converts your space into a multifunctional room with a quick transition from day to night. Feel free to leave your work on your desk as you effortlessly lower your bed into position in the evening. The desk will stay horizontal in the upright position as the bed is lowered into the sleeping position. Live bigger in the space you have and give yourself and your home more options.

Our horizontal wall bed with desk contains space saving designs that allow the user to fold down the desk without removing items. If you want to know more details, please come Tall company, we will try our best to satisfy you!

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