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Horizontal Murphy Wall Bed With Folding Desk And Bookcase 2017-09-08 15:30:39
Many people want to know how to make efficient use of space in a limited room, which is not a difficult problem. The wall bed can solve your problem. The multifunctional horizontal murphy wall bed with folding desk and bookcase is a good choice for you for it can not only save your space but it can be used as the study desk and bookcase but not only the bed.

For the bookcase is on the top of the wall bed, it will not waste or occupy the space of the room, it just on the top of the bed, and you can put your small things in the bookcase, it can let the room looks clean and tidy. and it will protect your small things from loss.

The bed can be put down as you need in the evening and whenever you want to go to sleep, and you may put it up when you don't use it, it means the wall bed not only you can save your space but also means you can put your wall bed in the living room beside the bedroom as you need.

The folding desk is suitable for your child or yourself, it means you can use it whenever you need the desk, and if the desk is spared, you can fold it up as your request.

No matter for your bedroom or living room, the horizontal wall bed with folding desk and bookcase is a good choice for you.
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