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Horizontal Murphy bed 2018-11-30 17:45:17

Horizontal Murphy Bed is one of the popular smart furniture for singles apartments. If your room has lower ceilings and not big enough, that our horizontal wall bed is the best option for you. Our horizontal murphy bed has three standard size, 100*190cm, 120*190cm and 150*190cm, but we also can offer customization, if you have specific size, please let us know, we would offer the prefer product for you.

We also have multifunction horizontal wall bed, we can offer horizontal wall bed with study desk, horizontal wall bed with sofa, horizontal wall bed with bookcase and eta. One room can become a bedroom, also a studying room or a living room, it can save more space and let life become more creative and interesting.

If you do not have enough money and living space at present, that good luck to you, Horizontal Murphy bed is you best choice, it can help you save money and space, a small room can be a Multi-purpose house.
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