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Horizontal Folding Wall Beds 2018-09-21 16:22:01
OVIT developed and produce space saving furniture of Murphy bed is about 8 years, our goal and objective are to provide customers with a practical and comfortable home. Let me introduce our Horizontal folding wall beds for you today.

We have several kinds of Horizontal wall bed, the two most popular is the horizontal wall bed with writing table B2200 and Murphy bed with bookcase B2002. Horizontal bed B2200 can be studying table when close the bed, if want to have a rest, if you want to rest, just need to put away the table and gently open the wall bed, it is very convenient and practical.

Horizontal wall bed is very easy for children to open, some people will think that would be dangerous, do not worry about that, we can add a lock on the bed, it should be totally easy and safe. Horizontal folding wall beds is a very good choice for who want to enlarge their room space. Come on, let us build our practical and comfortable home.
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