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Hidden wall bed 2017-11-10 15:46:05
What is hidden wall bed?

As the name suggests, it is hidden in the use of the wall can be installed on the wall, to accommodate the bed, wardrobe, bookcase and other household furniture, to maximize the maximum use of limited space. When you not in use, it can be used as a wardrobe or a bookcase. Our hidden bed wall beds are generally divided into double size wall beds, sofa wall beds, horizontal wall beds,vertical wall beds. These wall beds are also our most commonly used, in which the hidden wall bed is the value of the flip when the bed is long side flip. There is a very popular wall table bed reading people love, this is a appeared with the social development of innovative varieties wall bed family, its uniqueness lies in using the table can work during the day, break down is a bed, this design can complete a bed in a small room of 2.5㎡ a desk and a bookcase.

Usually, the thickness of the cabinet used in the hidden bed wall is 30 mm thick. The rest of the plate is used in high quality MDF, its texture is very stable, high-quality hardware, to ensure long-term use is not easy to deformation. According to their own space for free collocation, create your own space.
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