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Hidden Bunk Bed – Give you more Living Space 2017-09-14 16:20:52

Hidden Bunk Bed

Our company established in 1993, in recent years, we mainly committed to the designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of wall bed systems all over the world.

At present we are developing a new bunk bed, the lower size is L 2000 * W 1100 MM, the upper size is L 2000 * W 800 MM.

This bunk bed is added LED lights, small folding desk, and socket on each layer, to facilitate everyone to read and charge. LED lights have a separate switch, that can avoid disturbing other people to rest. Bunk bed support feet use free Fall mode, when we open bunk bed, the support feet will fall freely with the bed, the latest development of the free fall foot also has a lock function, when the support foot completely ground, the lock Will automatically buckle the free fall foot to prevent the support foot movement. The Ladder with a user-friendly design, it oblique 45° to facilitate climbing to the second floor. After the investigation, this kind of bunk bed is popular with university apartments, hotels, and young groups.

A Hidden Bunk Bed can be used as two beds, and the floor area only 0.88㎡, save more living space for you. OVIT give you not only a set of furniture but also a new concept of life, a space-saving solution. For more detail, please contact me on +86 15914358948.
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