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Functional Bunk Wall Bed –-rather suit for SOHO used 2017-03-28 11:21:05

Yep, with the fast development of the whole world and internet, more and more people start enter the SOHO part. Most of them are the small vendors, who lived in the small house cares more about their works than their life.

Are you a member of SOHO? Here we would like to share a good boon for you --- Functional Bunk Wall Bed, the above side is a comfortable bed, King, Queen, Single, Double size are available .

The below side is more funny. Firstly, it can bed a working desk, and there are many cabinet without cabinet door. As we SOHO, we can put some books, paper files or whatever relate to our work. More extent, the working desk can turn into a bed! Just overturn the desk, pull it down, another bed shows in your eyes, aha! Great idea! I do think this model furniture helps us SOHO owning a rather large space and convenient life. That’s it, with this bunk bed, we can combine our working with sleep.

Let’s see more detail about this Murphy bunk wall bed .

We Will start from the wooden material part. The thickness of bed frame board is 30mm MDF plywood , back board is 9 mm, other is 18 mm. Choose E0, E1, E2 class wooden, color or sizes all can up to your ideas. For the metal part, Aluminum alloy, surely use the best one, and the color most use silver, which looks more noble. And we get many certificates, like ISO9001, ISO002, SGS. We are the one deserve trusting !

What else can combine our work place and rest place more perfectly than such a bunk wall bed? We really can’t find, if you get a more good way to combine these, please do let us know. And if you would like to know more detail about this bed please click our website:

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