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Foldable storage desk, study table 2017-02-27 17:29:31

Foldable storage desk, study table, it's for the current small house market development of a product, mainly design with the wall bed, now we will analysis it for you from a professional point of view:

1) Foldable Storage Desk : storage table designed by our proferssional designer team, it need to place next to the wall, it' s a desk when open, and fold up, it just a storage cabinet with a door. The mainly hardware accessoriesby is a hydraulic rod that can contral the desk smooth fall and rise. One side of the hydraulic rod need to connect with the storage cabinet, another side fix with the desk, so it's easy to fold up and down.

2) Folding Storage Desk usage range: small-sized apartment room and restaurant; office; mainly match notebook computer or as a writing desk.

3) The wall hanging folding desk components: the main cabinet + folding bottom of the hardware accessories + desktop+ activities steel desk leg.

4) Foldable storage desk requirements: cabinet depth with 400mm, can also be deepened. We suggest the folding storage desk match with wall bed will be more perfect, the size, material and color can be customized, depth and height can customized as your request.

5) Folding storage table instructions for use: mainly for fold up and down the desk. When open the desk, grasp the desktop put up slowly. When you not use the desk, just lift the desktop close to the cabinet and fold up.

6) Folding storage cabinet desk installion: We will offer the installion vedio or installation drawing for you, if you still dont know how to assemble, please contact with our services.

7) Folding storage table daily maintenance: Folding storage table are designed with the 18mm particle board, as we all know, the wood-based panels can not touch with water loog time. Of course, you do not worry if use solid wood material or other waterproof material. If it is wood-based panel- When cleaning, it is best to use thinner to clean, open the window to ventilation after clean. and then check whether the hydraulic rod can be flexible operation, if not, should be coated with lubricant or replace a new one as soon as possible. After open the desk, do not put special heavy things on the desktop if there is heavy put on the side cabinet as far as possible.

If you think your room space is too small, so choose a Murphy wall bed with this folding table, then your small room will get a large space, and main furniture is fully equipped. If you don't know how to choose the wall bed, Please get in touch with our sales!

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