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DIY Your Murphy Wall Bed 2017-05-04 08:57:51

Dear friends, we would love to share this DIY wall bed with you and tell you how to do it yourself.

Firstly, we would like to share you what composite a Murphy wall bed: bed frame, hardware, and good panel wood. Ensure your wall is solid , and measure the size see whether it have ample space to pull down your bed.

Then here we go.

Step one is arrange tools for wall bed use.

Step two is install parts.

1.Install wall bed frame.

Metal side back frame connect with wooden panel by 12pcs M4*16mm self tapping screw, to ensure that the diagonal size is the same after install.

2.Assembly the wooden bed frame.

Assembly the wooden bed frame, the connection fitting is M12*40mm wood tip.Use M4*50mm self tapping screw to connect the top panel and side panel.

3. Connect back rack with bed frame.

Uplift the back rack, abreast with the bed frame and use the M4*16mm self tapping screw to lock.

4.Install bed frame.

Erect bed frame, move to installation location, adjust the size of diagonal to be same.

5.Install back panel.

The back panel fix by aluminum strip, use M8*60mm expansion screw fixed in the wall.The under back panel are fix by 4*25mm self tapping screw. Install position and support fitting, fixed by 6*25mm machine screws

6.Connected the bedstead and door panel.

bedstead install on the underside of door penal connect with M4*25 self tapping screw,

7.Connected the bedstead and the bed frame of wall bed.

Took up the bedstead, use 20*60mm machine screws connect the bedstead and bed frame,install air spring support, handle and stair. Put the mattress on the frame.

Hidden Murphy bed Done!

We offer full set of wall bed and separate hardware, size drawings and install instructions for you. What? You wanna get our install video right now?

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