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Developing 1 room to be 2 rooms! 2017-03-13 09:27:33

How can we let a small place change to be a big room? Murphy bed can help to do that.

Murphy bed is also called hidden wall bed and transfer pull down bed. At daytime, it would seems to be a wardrobe, but at night time, pulling it down,it’s a standard bed. In 1916, comfortable Murphy bed discovered in Europe and America.As the result of high cost of house, it is very popular in creative market nowadays.

Wall desk bed is the combination of sofa and Murphy bed. We can use it as a sofa function daytime, however, that would be a bed at night. It’s very suitable for small room or temporary accommodation.

At present, the apartment is just a small room to live, where is hard to have a bedroom and living room together. Murphy bed with sofa could deal with this states. After a whole day working hard, consuming a plenty of power of body and brain, we must to lie down on a bed to take a rest then can supply enough energetic.

It’s essential to consider when a guest come to visit you. That would be embarrassing without a sofa. In this moment, sofa Murphy bed plays a living room role that can solve this problem.

Sofa Murphy bed are matched with apartment, accommodation,hotel and studio etc. For one reason it’s comfortable to sleep well, other one don’t need to occupy more space.Compared with folding sofa, it is helpless to lie down.the best choice of sofa Murphy bed is helping you to own your own rooms, one is bedroom and other is living room.

The technology is always changing our life, thoughts and creation. The design of sofa we manufacture is also with armrest. If you are interested in it, contact us to come up with your requirements!

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