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Custom Murphy bed 2018-12-14 17:51:10
Tall furniture company is the biggest manufacturer of Murphy bed in Guangzhou since 2010 year! We supply high quality custom Murphy bed for customers from all over the world and get many great feedback from them.

Most families live in all their space, so a dedicated guest room is not always practical. A custom Murphy bed is the ideal space saving solution for a small extra room and is also a great option for accommodating overnight guests.

Tall customize according to the Minimum necessary matching of a separate standard room. We can create a truly custom Murphy bed with limitless possibilities for storage and display:
A custom Murphy bed with the sofa, open over the sofa, it is pull out drawer which storage.
A-kind furniture system that includes the custom Murphy bed with desk and bookcases. Storage cabinets can fill your favorite books, magazines. Closet around the Custom Murphy bed store pillows, blankets, and sheets, beautiful closet makes everything wonderful.

The Beautiful cabinets, bed finishes, and shelving transform a space into a comfortable sleeping area when needed. A well-designed custom Murphy bed respects the aesthetic and primary purpose of the room, allowing it to seamlessly serve two or more functions.

Adding custom Murphy beds is like adding a room, but at a fraction of the cost! Custom Murphy Bed and cabinets can turn any extra space in your home into an instant guest room, providing comfort and exceptional style.

When we design a custom Murphy bed style for you, we consider your space, your style, and your budget. We offer a wide range of quality options so we can satisfy each of our customer’s needs.
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