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Come and Custom Your own Unique Wall Bed 2017-09-21 15:42:14
It’s normal that we feel not that happy if someone has same dress, shoes, bags or even bracelet with us. The world is so colorful, but every single one all would like to be distinctive. We like unique furniture different from others, even the most popular Murphy wall bed nowadays. Hey! Guys, we TALL Furniture Company can offer customized service for your wall bed.

1.Basic wall bed design model
Below are our basic wall beds design model. The outlook is common like all that other wall bed company have.

2.Custom your own wall bed
If you order wall beds from us, see how your wall bed can be customized to be a special one. For example, add some cabinets on top to store some stuff, add a folding desk for working or something, add a bookshelf to place some items, add a set of a sofa for a seat while it’s closed, side cabinets, even wall lamps. You know what is the most important? Only if you like! Follow your heart.

3.Awesome custom wall bed case for share.
Horizontal Murphy wall bed

Murphy wall bed with sofa

Friends, the manufacturing job is mine, and exquisite wall bed is yours, Win-win situation is ours.
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