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Another Space-Saving Solution - Horizontal Murphy Bed 2018-01-15 09:35:45
Murphy bed plans are an easy and space-saving way to have the comfort of whichever size bed you may want but without the space problem. There are two styles of Murphy bed: The Vertical Murphy Bed and The Horizontal Murphy Bed. Now, we would like to talk about the Horizontal Murphy Bed.

For the starter, maybe you don't know how to choose the style for the different room. Whatever choose which style wall bed, it depends on your room space and your needs. If your room is too small, and not higher than 2 meters. We suggest choosing the horizontal Murphy bed, and you can add the top cabinet, don't worry about the bed size, there are 3 sizes for choice, width with 1 meter, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, and we also can offer customized services. In addition, if you buy for your office or study room, you can choose the wall bed with top cabinet and with the side bookcase, when the horizontal Murphy bed closed, it looks like a big cabinet, will not affect the design of your room.Not only is the Murphy bed plan utilized as a space-saving technique, but it is also useful for creating decoration in a small space.

There is a horizontal Murphy bed with a desk in our company. As you close up your bed to the wall and have a working desk, then add a chair and you're good to go with another advantage and now you'll have a double-duty bed and desk. Another choose, you can add a couch for the horizontal wall bed, you don't need to move the couch when you use the bed. Very convenient for planning well the available floor space that is available.

A frequent complaint about Murphy beds is that it is the people doesn't know how to build, many people would like to buy the Murphy bed for their room because it's an easy way of creating space in a small area. These bed plans are easy to assemble if you buy from our company usually come with a DIY kit and user's manual or installation video so anybody can perform the task at hand. And if you meet problems about the install, you can call our customer services or our sales representative, our engineer will help you to solve it.

For the new lifestyle of downsizing into a tiny house, an RV, small apartment, studio or other small room, you can DIY a Murphy bed, vertical Murphy bed, or Horizontal Murphy bed, contact our customer service for more details, you can contact us directly on 0086-13826110157. And don't forget to share with your family and friends. Drop us a letter by Contact Us page and thank you!
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