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A Murphy Bed For The Small Space Room is Necessary 2017-08-08 16:05:31
Make the most of your room space with a Murphy wall bed that tucks away neatly into a storage cabinet. Now a home office, hobby or exercise room by day easily converts to a guest area bedroom at night. This multifunctional wall bed system accommodates out-of-town guests, grown kids, grandkids, or even a parent in need of the temporary place to stay.
"These are for people with means,” some sales says. “We sell them mostly to boomers and empty nesters who have moved from their 5,000-square-foot homes in the suburbs to a 2,000-square-foot condo in the city. When their grandkids visit, they don’t want them sleeping on a lumpy sofa bed.”

Advantages of a Murphy Bed
More condos have smaller living spaces these days, so install a Murphy bed for the small space room is necessary. The wall bed design is great, very practical and allow for an interesting design feature in a room. A wall bed is an efficient way to maximize space whether it’s in a small room, home, apartment or hotel. With attached side cabinet, drawers or table, Murphy beds can greatly increase the amount of space in a small dwelling.

1. There are different finishes for your option. That provides a hidden facade that houses a comfortable bed perfectly.
2. You have a choice of decorative and functional options that turn a folded-up wall bed into a functional piece of furniture. When the wall bed is close it can double as bookshelves or fold-down table for extra desk space. You also can match a side cabinet and top cabinet to get more storage space.
3. Our wall beds come in a variety of sizes: twin, full and queen or customize.
4. Available in a Vertical, Horizontal or double bunk bed unit.
5. Wall beds are easy to operate. You will be amazed at how easily and smoothly it opens and closes.
6. You know the value of having a Murphy bed in your guest room, you will have enough space to transform the area into a functional office space when not hosting guests.

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