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“Folding” small room, Murphy bed come to help! 2017-03-13 09:52:03

Many small units are frame structure of the tower apartment, itself in the structural design is difficult to use the space and no light is not ventilated areas, and even some of the same level of all windows do not see the direct sunlight, lighting, ventilation, Vision and so are limited; but the frame structure of the house there is a greater possibility of transformation, which determines the small units in the beginning of the purchase of furniture at the beginning of the need to consider the modern wall bed in order to save more space.

From the user's point of view, the small size of the house is likely to be a second-tier cities of young people have the first set of independent housing, available space is limited circumstances, saving space furniture that is horizontal Murphy bed is particularly important. Reasonable layout and folding wall bed furniture, allowing the family to make more blank areas, both for daily activities, but also to reduce the small space common sense of space.

Moreover, the design is part of the interior design, especially for small units.

Before the start of the use of the wall bed, we start from the existing scale of the whole house, that is to say first understand the length of each room, width, and the lowest level. In addition, also need to consider the space of the windows, the door in the room The direction of the inside and the location on the wall and then refer to the natural lighting situation, in the planning of accommodation as much as possible to retain the maximum coverage of natural light.

Considering the transformation of the wall, even if you hit the frame structure of all non-load-bearing walls, the largest space for this house is limited, but the occupants in this micro-environment all the activities are "space "based on.

When we do the storage design, we should regard the "spatial scale" as the money budget in our hands, so that we need to consider not only the storage requirements, but also the design of "blank" and "possibility".

Before you prepare your design work, you can think about what common factors take up our valuable space, and it is not worth changing the space in order to save the space? For example, you can think about purchasing a wall bed to solve it?

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