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An amazing new design


An amazed new design

One day, one of our clients who worked together for a long time said, "we need to improve the free fall feet of the wall bed in case the bed legs move will make the bed unstable.". After months of effort by our design team, we came up with a solution: adding a small part on the legs of the bed so that to strengthen the stability when it used, even though the design is mature, sophisticated.
The design does not influence the appearance and the use of the bed, nor does it affect the bed opening and closing. When the bed is opened, the part will automatically move to the hole the free fall feet of the wall bed, so that the wall bed more secure and stable; when the bed is closed, it doesn't need manual operation, it will automatically remove with the move of door panel, then hide in the bed body.

This design is ahead of the peer in China, after the show to our clients, has been recognized and appreciated by many customers, we believe you and your customers will like it too.

We will continue to invest in research and development to make the bed safer and more durable because we are going to surpass ourselves rather than competitors. It's highly appreciated if you could tell us your ideas and suggestions about our wall bed design, please contact us.

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