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Tall Furniture Co., Ltd was establish in 1993 and owned a brand of “ Ovit”. We produce the office furniture in the beginning. We developed and produce space saving furniture of murphy bed since 2010. It is a new collection comes to life designed around the needs of modern houses, second houses and one-room flats following customers' current needs. Clever design custom solutions for houses and offices with a clear specialization in furniture for home. TALL never stops researching, to guarantee high manufacturing quality and reliability, typical of murphy bed excellence, all these qualities are matched to strict eco-friendly policies. We can supply customized Murphy bed, wardrobe, bookcase, nightstand and office desk, everything is designed giving the complete priority to what home need the most, not only from the design point of view but also by giving the possibility to choose from a wide range of finishes and colors. TALL also offers functional solutions for living rooms, open spaces and contract environments (residential developments, hotels and offices). The optimization of the living area is a key point in today modern houses, with their environments getting smaller and smaller, that is why TALL developed extremely versatile modular solutions: convertible furniture pieces for the living room, bedroom, home office, one-room flats, open spaces or contract environments. Day and night areas are joined together to meet the needs of an clientele, offering comfort. Product Certificate Save
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    Chinese Spring Festival !

    Chinese Spring Festival!                  The spring Festival in 2019 is approaching ,all employees of Tall Furniture will express their sincere gratitude and warmest greetings to every customers. In order to facilitate the arrangement of orders by customers,the company decided to arrange the Spring Festival Holiday time as follows: 1,The factory holiday time :Jan 18,2019 to Feb 21,2019,total 35 days.Officially start work on Feb 22,2019. 2,Sales department holiday time :Jan 29,2019 to Feb 12,total 15 days,Officially start work on Feb 13,2019. Stop production during the holiday period. If you have any product questions, please feel free to contact us ! In the new year, we will continue to provide you with more comprehensive cooperation with high quality and efficient service, and continuously improve, improve service and product quality, and work with you to create brilliant in the new year !  

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